All chairs are designed to bear the weight of a human, but none to bear humanity's weight on nature. This is our mission. To make chairs the minus way — giving nature the comfort that nature gives us.

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The Minus Chair

We can’t distinguish the chair from its value chain.

A chair is harvesting timber, it is energy consumption, it is production facilities, it is design, it is use and reuse and it is a material life span. The Minus chair is carbon storage, it is biodiversity, it is conscious use of our limited forest resource, it is renewable energy, it is use, and reuse, and reuse. And it must never become waste.

We’ve given ourselves three years to realise all parts of the value chain. Now it is possible to buy, and within three years we believe you must/should subscribe, because then we can take the responsibility of never letting the chair get trashed.

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The Minus chair is designed by Jenkins&Uhnger with three main principles in mind, regenerative, reusable and comfortable.

Photo by Karianne Johansen

The Minus Family

In the near future, the Minus chair will be joined by a table, a stool and a bench, all made the minus way. Revolutionizing the industry one piece of furniture at a time.

Minus Furniture Catalog 2023
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 02 141
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 01 015
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 06 489
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 04 319
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 01 019
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 04 312
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 06 461
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 02 188
2023 08 BA MINUS FURNITURE 08 588

The Minus Way

The Minus Way is a methodology leading to a new environmental standard on commodities. Now applied on furniture. As a consumer you are part of the value chain, a value chain that in a 100 years perspective has a potential of storing more carbon than it emits, be positive for biodiversity, in natural resource balances in addition to lifting human rights as a core value.

It is based on compact value chains that is adapted to local conditions. Utilizing local specific renewable energy resources, carefully harvesting of resources with biodiversity as a leading star, upcycling rest biomass and featuring a subscription model on commodities to ensure someone takes the responsibility for optimising the life span potential of the material.

More than just a piece of furniture

The Minus chair isn’t just a new standard for environmental consciousness, it is proof that it is possible to give by taking, and a point of reference for how it should be done.

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Impact Calculation

Not all chairs are made equal. Use our impact calculator to see how the carbon emission of our chair today compares to other chairs, and to the Minus chair of tomorrow – when we’ve realised all steps of our value chains in 2025.




Reference ¹
Minus Base
Minus Tomorrow

(1) Reference: Benchmark study from Furniture Industry Research Association

All data are preliminary and based on own research.

The calculator is intended to show the Minus Methods potential.

Own or Rent

We strongly believe that a subscription model for furniture is the future. But while we’re testing a subscription concept together with a few pilot furniture users, it will be possible to buy.

Why subscription? Subscription solves a major issue. Who should take the responsibility of utilizing the material life span. A piece of wood could function in hundreds of years, given the great pressure on biodiversity, it is crucial that it lives its life span. If you are a business interested in testing a subscription model, send us an email. Meanwhile it also helps our project if someone is interested in buying.

Own or rent now
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We can deliver. If you have a special project, large venue, short term needs or if you are just a normal person with a question, send an email to

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